Kato Koufonisi – Koufonisia (Hollow Islands)

 Kato Koufonisi

This untouched secret paradise has no electricity and no accommodation (except free camping). Kato (lower) Koufonisi is located just below Pano Koufonisi. It has not been developed for tourists and is virtually uninhabited.

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The boat will drop you off at the only tavern on the island and if winds are ok, to Nero beach. From the tavern, you can walk to many different beaches (approximately 20 minute walk to the closest beach from the tavern). We only had the opportunity to visit one of them, Laki Beach, which was spectacular. The water was very inviting in the scorching heat. If you are feeling adventurous, you can walk for an hour or more to get to other beautiful locations.

BYO walking shoes, water and beach umbrella.

Where to Swim

There are quite a few beaches on the island. You will need to visit more than once to see them all.


If the water is calm, Nero is the boats last stop, therefore quite popular. It is the islands largest beach and has both sand and pebbles.

Lakki beach

My favourite was Lakki Beach with it’s crystal clear waters at the base of a cove.

Greek-Islands-Koufonisia-Kato-Koufonisi 2 2.27.58 pm

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There are daily boats between Pano Koufonisi and Kato Koufinisi.

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Visit here for more information on Koufonisia.

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