Mykonos Town Hotels

Poseidon Hotel

I LOVE the Poseidon. It is located in town and takes one minute to walk to the bus stop. Many of the beaches in Mykonos are easily accessible via the bus service. The Poseidon provide return transfers (I find this feature very important. It’s difficult to get cabs in mykonos as there are not many on the island) and breakfast. Lot’s of Australians tend to stay at this hotel so if you don’t want to hear the aussie accent, you may want to stay clear. I have generally travelled in big groups to Mykonos so its nice to be located in town and be able to do your own thing. Most importantly, you can stumble home after a big night/morning and not have to worry about transport home.

Greece-Mykonos-Hotel-Poseidon 2

Greece-Mykonos-Hotel-Poseidon 3

Rochari Hotel

Just like the Poseidon, the Rochari is located in town and a one minute walk to the bus stop. It is next door to the Belvedere hotel and has a great view of town. This hotel has lots of return customers who book their room a year in advance. The guests are predominantly gay. I have made life long friends at the Rochari, namely one of the bartenders – Thanos, who always made our time there an enjoyable and memorable one. He no longer works/lives in Mykonos. I would always look forward to staying at the Rochari when he worked there. Thanos was cheeky and became our personal tour guide.


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