Let me introduce you to the destination most requested by my friends and family (drum roll please)

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Mykonos is arguably the most expensive Greek island I have been to. Drinks and food is at least twice the price here than on the island my family comes from. Mykonos caters to all – Families, singles, friends, couples and those travelling solo. You can have the craziest and intense time of your life, or a peaceful and relaxing holiday. The choice is ultimately yours. Some of my best days and nights have been in Mykonos. It has changed a lot since I first visited, but there is a special something that keeps me going back year after year.

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Here is my list of things to see and do for an island I have visited 12 times.

Walk through Mykonos town (xora).

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There is nothing quite like walking through the narrow white washed cobbled streets of Mykonos Town. Little boutiques, jewellery stores, bars, restaurants, art galleries, and even a Louis Vuitton pop up store, is what you can look forward to walking the laneways. The shops close at approximately 2.00am. The perfect people spotting place is outside Kessaris Jewellers.

Click here for more information on the Louis Vuitton Pop Up Store.


The following photos were taken outside my friend’s home in xora. I was given specific directions to his house;  “It’s the white building with the blue door and vespa out the front”. That describes 99% of the homes in Mykonos Town.

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I love walking through Little Venice and having sunset drinks at either Scarpa Bar or Caprice Bar. They both serve mouth-watering cocktails.




Mykonos is filled with so many restaurants with numerous openings each year. Following are some of my favourites that have been around for awhile:

Matsuhisa at the Belvedere Hotel

Legendary Nobu Matsuhisa opened Matsuhisa Mykonos in the summer of 2004. Nobu has various restaurants all over the world. Daily specials feature seafood sourced from the Aegean.


Sea Satin

One of the last true greek restaurants left on the island. Serving the freshest seafood on the waters edge in little venice whilst Greek music plays in the background. Don’t be surprised if your night ends with a complimentary shot accompanied by fresh fruit of the day.

Kikis – Agios Sostis Beach

Two words,  pork chops!

See more here

The view from Kikis.

Mykonos-Agios Sostis Beach-Kikis 7

Nammos – Psarou Beach

Lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Visit here for more info.


Last but not least, one could argue the best bars, clubs and parties found in Mykonos, are the best in the world. Below are two of my favourites.

Cavo Paradiso

Home to the worlds best DJ’s, Cavo Paradiso is built on a cliff. Crowds start queueing for entry at 3am and the party lasts all morning/day long. Being there for sunrise and when the aeroplanes fly above you (coming in to land at the local airport) is a special feeling. I highly recommend booking a table as it will ensure you are comfortable and have room to dance (sometimes it’s way too crowded). And that’s what it is all about at Cavo –  Dancing whilst the sun is rising.


Astra is the greek word for stars and the place of choice for those who entered Mykonos onboard a yacht. It’s located in one of the busiest parts of Mykonos and therefore a seat outside gives you prime view of those passing by. If you want a seat outside, you will need to get there early. Famous people who have been to Astra include the late Ayrton Senna, Keith Richards, Dolce & Gabbana and David Guetta.



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