Postcards from Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

Wow – where am I? This other-worldly paradise has you feeling as if you’ve landed on the moon thanks to its smooth limestone rock formation that makes up the impressive landscape.

Greek-Islands-Beach_Milos-Sarakiniko 2 Greek-Islands-Beach_Milos-Sarakiniko 6 Greek-Islands-Beach_Milos-Sarakiniko 5 Greek-Islands-Beach_Milos-Sarakiniko 4 Greek-Islands-Beach_Milos-Sarakiniko 9

Sarakiniko beach is the most photographed beach in Milos, one of the Cycladean islands in the Aegean Sea. The deep-blue surrounding waters are in stark contrast to the white rocks that have eroded over time. There are no amenities here and if it’s soft sand you are after, this is not the beach for you. Most visitors happily lay their towels on the rocks, while some prefer to dive in off the cliffs.

As the landscape at Sarakiniko beach is rare and often compared to a moonscape, this is one place you won’t want to miss.

Greek-Islands-Beach_Milos-Sarakiniko 18 Greek-Islands-Beach_Milos-Sarakiniko 3 Greek-Islands-Beach_Milos-Sarakiniko 11 Greek-Islands-Beach_Milos-Sarakiniko 10 Greek-Islands-Beach_Milos-Sarakiniko 15 Greek-Islands-Beach_Milos-Sarakiniko 13

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