Postcards from Voidokilia Beach

Voidokilia, meaning “Cow’s Belly”, is located 12 kms from the city of Pylos in Greece’s Peloponnese region and is in the shape of the Greek letter Omega (Ω). Getting here can be a challenge, but once you arrive you will have the chance to swim in the clearest warm, shallow waters. If you arrive prior to 11am, you will almost certainly have this paradise to yourself. There are no amenities (toilets, umbrellas or restaurants) here so I highly recommend stopping along the way and grabbing water and any other essentials. Some might say balls and racquets, to play “raketes” along the beach, are essential too.

Greece-Peloponnese-Voidokilia-Beach 13

Greece-Peloponnese-Voidokilia-Beach 8

Greece-Peloponnese-Voidokilia-Beach 11

Greece-Peloponnese-Voidokilia-Beach 14

Greece-Peloponnese-Voidokilia-Beach 16 Greece-Peloponnese-Voidokilia-Beach 15 Greece-Peloponnese-Voidokilia-Beach 9 Greece-Peloponnese-Voidokilia-Beach 1

Above the beach is Nestor’s Cave where, according to myth, Hermes hid the 50 stolen cattle from Apollo. You can get to the cave via climbing up the hill at the end of Voidokilia beach and the view from it is extraordinary.

Enjoy this unique beach where historical and natural wonders co-exist.

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