Taormina is a small town filled with years of history. The Greeks, Arabs, Romans, French and Spanish, to name a few, have all left their impression on this remarkable settlement located on the east coast of Sicily, Italy. With its scenic backdrop of Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea, the natural beauty of Taormina, Is not to be missed.



Take a cable car to Mazzaro beach and have fresh fish at IL Delfino Restaurant.


If time permits, hire a boat and tour the island where you will view Grotto Azzura (blue grotto), Isolabella nature reserve and Cape Taormina. The highlight for me was approaching and recognising the la scogliera restaurant due to my obsession with Luc Besson’s film The Big Blue. There is a lunch scene in the movie that takes place here. The other place I have discovered thanks to The Big Blue is Amorgos.


Visit the Ancient Greek Theatre of Taormina, where the summer schedule will allow you to see your favourite band, opera or show in an impressive location. It was built in the seventh century BC and is one of the most recognised ruins in Sicily.


Morgana, the place to be seen, is an exclusive bar/club for drinking and dancing that features distinguished interiors. The vibe is hip and happening with great music and a friendly atmosphere.  Avoid Saturday nights as it’s too crowded.



Daiquiri is a chilled place for drinks where the concept is to sit on the steps and people watch. Drink in hand is mandatory.


Bam bar is home to the best granita in Taormina, and a great place for breakfast.


For dinner, my unsurpassed dining experience in Italy (big call I know) was at Vicolo Stretto (narrow alleyway). It is located in the narrowest street of Taormina where two people cannot walk through at the same time.



I was in Taormina in the beginning of July, and thought it was too crowded so I can only imagine what August would be like. To escape the crowds and unwind, stroll through the Public gardens (Giardino Pubblico). With beautiful views out to sea, it is peaceful and a great spot for an afternoon picnic.


A favourite pastime was strolling through Corso Umberto (main road) with a gelato in hand and resting in the town square opposite San Giuseppe church. Taormina is one of the prettiest towns I have been to and it’s no wander why so many people choose to get married here (I witnessed at least one wedding per day I was here).



Travel tip: Make a booking at Vicolo Stretto. I promise it’s the best meal you’ll have in Taormina.


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